Betty Franklin


Research on healthful living is vast; however, we often fail at living truly healthy lives. Our approach to health needs to be simple and holistic. GUTS articulates basic wellness principles, which, with your willingness to sometimes Get Uncomfortable To Succeed, will help you to embrace health, balance and abundance.

In a serious, yet light-hearted and fun way, Betty Franklin combines the evidence-based knowledge of science, psychology, and spirituality with uncomplicated concepts for healthful living that can be progresivly and steadily incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle. GUTS will engage, encourage and empower you to improve the return on the investments you make in your life.

GUTS will help you understand what holistic health is and how your stress levels, influenced bu youtr thoughts, emotions, habits and relationships, as well as your physical, financial and spiritual fitness, are interrelated and affect your overall health and well-being.

Using her Six F’s of Health and Well-Being: Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends, Finance and Fun, Betty offers a unique approach to life and health with an array of simple and practical tips to incorporate into our daily lives. Ab



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