What We Do

Living life well is not easy! 

It comes with ups, with downs, with challenges. Learning, and knowing how to maneuver through these ups and downs, and master life effectively tests our skills, abilities, knowledge, and stamina. It dares us to be better, it asks us to make wiser choices, and requires us to persevere on both a personal and professional level. It calls us, and compels us to get uncomfortable to succeed.

Starting The Conversation™ programs present a model of mental fitness that considers open, intentional, and honest conversations as the core for mental fitness and wellbeing, but also for emotional and physical health and wellbeing. 
Through our interactive in-person, and online programs we engage participants in conversations and the sharing of experiences, as we upgrade their  life skills by integrating six key components of a fulfilling life. We educate, support, and inspire them to harness the power of these components to "live life well," no matter the circumstances.

The list of programs offered by Starting The Conversation is coming soon. 
In the meantime, to learn more about the programs we offer click the link below.
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